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The Broken Planetarium is an inclusive arts collective focused on the creation and support of new works by both professional artists and people who do not necessarily identify as artists. The Broken Planetarium also collaborates and creates a platform for new work to be shared with audiences in the Portland area and beyond. Learn more at https://www.brokenplanetarium.org/.

Fertile Ground Festival Broken Planetarium


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NOTE: ASL interpretation will be provided at the performance on January 30th.

The creators of Sirens of Coos Bay and Frankenstein: A Cabaret present a new musical set in Soviet-era Berlin, retelling Ovid's Pyramus and Thisbe, the original star crossed lovers, this time divided by the Berlin Wall.

Reflecting on our own political moment of division and borders, the play documents Pyramus and Thisbe in love through a wall for twenty years before making a last desperate attempt to be together.

With music by a full women's choir backed by a synthesizer, the lyrical choreography of Kelsey Mahoney Watson, playwright Laura Christina Dunn's whimsical humor, and a guest appearance by three jaded Fates and a very unlikely Zeus, this play examines what are the walls that divide us, and how can we tear them down?

By Laura Christina Dunn

Music by Matt Burlin, Laura Christina Dunn, Kristin Gordon George, Avery Hill, Ali Ippolito, Craig Lardiere, Rachel Sakry, and Forest Veil (Monica Metzler).

Directed by Emilie Landmann

Music Direction by Kristin Gordon George

Choreography by Kelsey Mahoney Watson

Art Direction by Laura Foster

Funding provided by The Regional Arts and Culture CouncilRACC logo

Special Admission

Tickets $15-25 sliding Scale

accepting festival passes and Arts for All

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