Today at The Clinton: Saturday, May 28

7:00pm Teen Witch

Eyes of Fire


Celebrate Pagan May at the Clinton Street Theater! Our theme this month relishes in the long tradition of film using rustic iconography outside the traditional Abrahamic religions for entertainment purposes, often to shock audiences with a hidden look at traditions outside the norm to stoke fears of female sexual empowerment. Ranging from classic comedy to campy exploitation and plenty of experimentalism in between, our slate of May titles is for anyone who enjoys seeing how witchcraft, nature worship, and hellish dedications have been portrayed on the silver screen. Come let this series cast a spell on you.

Eyes of Fire


“The biggest holy grail of all folk horror films.” -Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

Eyes of Fire
Avery Crounse
90 minutes

Before The Witch, there was Eyes of Fire! In this seminal 1980s folk horror gem, a rogue 18th century preacher and his followers attempt to establish a settlement beyond the western frontier. But when they encounter a not-so-enchanted forest filled with evil spirits, the group exchanges happiness for apocalyptic madness. Newly restored from the original camera negative, Eyes of Fire is a dreamlike hallucination that combines arthouse surrealism, gonzo creature effects, and ambitious symbolism to build a truly haunting experience. Imagine Werner Herzog directing an A24 film in 1983 and you’re halfway there.

Special Admission

$8 tickets available in advance online and at the door.