Today at The Clinton: Saturday, May 28

7:00pm Teen Witch

Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013

Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013



curated by Karl Lind
3 pm

Karl Lind presents a selection of intricately interwoven short films, music videos and experimental animation. A misunderstood VCR attempts to communicate with us, man's best friend explores the final frontier, a guy falls in love with his computer, a spectacular descent into the digital void and much more. Featuring incredible new work from Shana Moulton, Peter Burr, Kelly Lynn Sears, Shalo P, Kathleen Quillian, Linda Izcali Scobie, Krystal South, Armon Bohn, D.N. Williams and a world premiere of a brand new music video Directed by Ron Mason Gassaway for RLLRBLL!

* The show will also featuring a live 20 minute set by Portland's very own RLLRBLL

curated by Amir George
5 pm

The Clarity of Obscurity delves into the various forms of experimental film practices. The works featured are guided meditations of personal reflections and gradual assembly. Each piece unlocks the door of misinterpretation for the viewer to walk into a better form of understanding.

A Symphonic Exquisite Corpse
Curated by B Media Collective
7 pm

The culmination of a week-long experimental film project throughout the festival, weaving together a film-based exquisite corpse created by EFF Portland's artists and public, remixed to Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring."

Special Admission

$7 for both the 3 and 5pm screenings. You also can purchase a $60 festival pass for all EFF Portland events.