Doctor Jack's Old-Timey Medicine Show

Doctor Jack's Old-Timey Medicine Show


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Prepare for a wild night of entertainment as Doctor Jack's Old-Timey Medicine Show takes your eyes, ears and tongues on an adventure of the most pleasurable sort!

Enjoy mind-boggling magic, heart-stopping sideshow, and gut-busting comedy from our managerie of talented performers. It is sure to be a night to remember!

Doctor Jack's Old-Timey Medicine Show PERFORMERS

Performers include: 

dr. jackDoctor Jack -- Introducing the one, the only, the unscrupulous and insane Doctor Jack! Be careful folks, this traveling medicine salesman is known to perform daredevil feats such as hammering a nail into his head, eating glass, and much, much more!




Elloise Pym

jordyn shay

Paper La Shay -- Story-Teller, Dancer, Aerialist, Acrobat, Stiltstress, Clown

lady coquineLady Coquine -- a queer, sex positive, body positive performance artist and super villain based out of Portland, Oregon.




Nick Bronson

David D. DanielsDavid D. Daniels -- Digital Index Operator at Spacely's Sprockets -- “I watched the beauties, watched the fire, and the fire burn the beauties in their eyes”




Lacy Knickers

Lacy Knickers -- Burlesque performer extraordinaire




The Historical Conjurer and Johnny Mayhem!

Special Admission

$12 in advance; $15 tickets available at the door.