Today at The Clinton: Monday, Jan 21

Closure Portland Premiere

Closure Portland Premiere


"If you were adopted, if you've ever adopted a child, if you have adopted relatives - well, no, let's just say if you care about families - then I challenge you not to be moved and inspired by this film."

Jeffrey Overstreet, Film Reviewer at

Bryan and Angela Tucker, filmmaker and subject, will be with us for a Q&A.

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Bryan Tucker
76 minutes

Angela was in foster care until she was adopted at the age of one in Chattanooga, TN, under the terms of a 'closed' adoption. As an African-American raised by a Caucasian couple in Bellingham, WA, (in a diverse family consisting of seven other adopted siblings), she had a confused sense of identity while growing up. As Angela grew older it became apparent that the unanswered questions about her birth story would continue to haunt her if she did not at least attempt to find the answers. The documentary journeys alongside Angela for a period of two years during her search, leading her back to Chattanooga to come face to face with her birth parents, and meet family members who never knew she existed.

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