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Clinton Street Resistance presents DESERT HEARTS

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Things are really f*cked up right now. And here on Clinton Corner, we're doing our bit to make things better.

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Clinton Street Resistance presents DESERT HEARTS


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The story is not sensationalistic, although its love scene could not be more emotional. It`s a gentle story of someone being brought in from the cold.

Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune

dykeonbikes logoTonight's nonprofit partner is Dykes on Bikes Portland Chapter. PORTLAND DYKES ON BIKES® MOTORCYCLE CONTINGENT is an organization committed to creating a local, national and international community of women motorcyclists and friends of women motorcyclists. Their mission is to support philanthropic endeavors in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and women's communities, and reach out to empower a community of diverse women through rides, charity events, Pride events and education.

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Donna Deitch
United States
96 minutes

directed by women logoBased on Jane Rule's novel Desert of the Heart (1964), Donna Deitch's narrative feature debut centers on a burgeoning lesbian romance between libertine casino worker Cay Rivvers (Patricia Charbonneau) and repressed university professor Vivian Bell (Helen Shaver) in Reno, Nevada in the late 1950s, a climate wherein being queer was...complicated.

Landmark in its positive portrayal of sapphic romance and celebrated for its passionate, sensual bedroom scenes that nearly fog the camera's lens, Deitch's vision for Cay and Vivian's nuanced onscreen relationship explores the tension inherent in a sheltered woman accepting her newfound sexual self.

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