Clinton Street Fridays: a Youth Music Show

Clinton Street Fridays: a Youth Music Show


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Now in our second year of providing an all ages venue for the hottest bands in Portland!

On mostly the 3rd Friday of the month, we showcase local, 21-and-under bands in partnership with Music in Schools. Special guests, too!!

Check out what's happening this month, and we'll post details about other shows once they become available.

Jerks, creeps, or any bad behavior will get you kicked out immediately. We're watching....



April Performers

Grandfather//Average Pageant//Bodysnatchers from Hell

Join the Facebook Event and invite your friends.

All Ages Action featuring three local stunners on a very special day:

average pageantAverage Pageant - alternative art rock drone alternative rock dream pop psychedelic shoegaze Portland

Grandfather - semisensical garage pop from portland, thrown together quickly and carelessly by four degenerate childrengrandfather

body snatchers from hellBodysnatchers From Hell - punk garage rock punk rock Portland

Special Admission