Clinton St. Theater's Cult Classic Fridays presents THE ELEMENT OF CRIME

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Weird, unconventional or truly transgressive, Cult Films push boundaries of decency and sometimes break cultural taboos. They can be soooooooo bad that they're good, and f*cking fun to watch, especially when you're throwing back a cold one with friends.

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Clinton St. Theater's Cult Classic Fridays presents THE ELEMENT OF CRIME


Friday, Jul 30
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an utterly mesmerizing and completely disjointed crime thriller that is more about tone and style than it is about its fragmented narrative

James Kendrick, Q Network Film Desk

The first great film to combine a sepia tone with film-noir shadows in order to conceive Europe as a post-apocalyptic barren land on the verge of complete anarchic disorder. Trier uses the archetypical detective with confronted emotions and priorities to highlight his vicious-circle story. Very underrated twist on the genres it treats, including the first use of the director's trademark: hypnosis. 97/100

Edgar C, Rotten Tomatoes Super Reviewer

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Lars von Trier
104 minutes

Fisher (Michael Elphick), an ex-detective, decides to take one final case when a mysterious serial killer claims the lives of several young girls. Fisher, unable to find the culprit, turns to Osbourne (Esmond Knight), a writer who was once respected for his contributions to the field of criminology. Fisher begins to use Osbourne's technique, which involves empathizing with serial killers; however, as the detective becomes increasingly engrossed in this method, things take a disturbing turn.