Clinton St. Theater presents A LIVING DOG

Clinton St. Theater presents A LIVING DOG


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Excellent sci-fi-thriller

I had the chance to watch this movie during the Landsberg film-festival "snow dance". It is a low-budget movie which surprises with realistic animations and strong film-music/sounds.

The setting is quickly told: robots and drones have taken over the world and are hunting any living human. Our hero has managed to survive and escaped into a wooden-house in the North. There he meets a female survivor who is trying to fight the robots.

The movie lives from the atmosphere and the beautiful shots. There is little talk since any talk would attract the robots. The relationship between the main actors also remains quite superficial.

Expect a dense atmosphere, with few moments where you can escape from this apocalyptic future by diving into relaxing nature-shots of Finland's' forests and lakes.

a living dog movie poster
Daniel Raboldt
94 minutes

The war between mankind and machines has begun. And we are about to lose it. Every communication between humans has been made impossible by the enemy who learned to react to human voice patterns. So if you speak or even whisper -- you die. The deserter Tomasz doesn't want to be a hero any more. With a stolen vehicle he escapes from the battle into the vast emptiness of the Scandinavian forests. Always running, always hiding he hopes to survive as long as possible. But then he meets Lilja, a Russian resistance fighter who hasn't given up and follows a desperate and suicidal plan to fight the superior machines. With every minute that passes the machines get closer, searching for the last remains of the human race.

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