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Even if there's a new face in the White House, things are still f*cked up. Lots and lots of folks need help. So, here on Clinton Corner, we're doing our bit to make things better.

Every Monday night, come to the Clinton Street Theater, enjoy a film on the big screen (the way it should be seen!), make friends, have a few laughs, scream, cry and raise money for a good cause.

Clinton St. Resistance presents US


Monday, Oct 25
us still

A sharp, often funny meditation on the terrifying power of human connection.

Hannah Giorgis, The Atlantic

It's a film that confirms Peele as that rarest of things - a true auteur.

Dan Stubbs, NME

Every element in this film serves a purpose and is set up like a chess move, from the soundtrack to the detailed production values. (Be sure to check out the old VHS tapes in a flashback sequence).

Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News

SOMMER Camp logoThis month's donation-beneficiary is Sommer Camp Productions, an LLC that focuses on telling the most overlooked stories with Oregon and horror as the common backdrop with an emphasis on BIPOC communities and Womxn.

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Jordan Peele
United States
116 minutes

Accompanied by her husband, son and daughter, Adelaide Wilson returns to the beachfront home where she grew up as a child. Haunted by a traumatic experience from the past, Adelaide grows increasingly concerned that something bad is going to happen. Her worst fears soon become a reality when four masked strangers descend upon the house, forcing the Wilsons into a fight for survival. When the masks come off, the family is horrified to learn that each attacker takes the appearance of one of them.

Special Admission

FREE; Please consider making a contribution to this month's beneficiary, Sommer Camp Productions.

Reserve your seat or make a $6 donation IN ADVANCE (includes a $1 service fee).