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Clinton St. Resistance presents METROPOLIS

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Even if there's a new face in the White House, things are still f*cked up. Lots and lots of folks need help. So, here on Clinton Corner, we're doing our bit to make things better.

Every Monday night, come to the Clinton Street Theater, enjoy a film on the big screen (the way it should be seen!), make friends, have a few laughs, scream, cry and raise money for a good cause.

Clinton St. Resistance presents METROPOLIS



The film has, in consequence, a remarkable pictorial power, and, in spite of its occasional solemnities, is one which will well repay study by those who are interested in the development of a separate cinematographic technique.

Times (UK) Staff

For years audiences have wondered how good this film might have been had it not been edited. It turns out that it's better than anyone could ever have expected.

Kaleem Aftab, Independent (UK)

Outside of the sensationalistic storyline, the film is a clear archetype for just about every science-fiction effort to follow it.

Mike Massie, Gone With The Twins

orjc logoThis month's nonprofit is OREGON JUSTICE RESOURCE CENTER, dedicated to promoting civil rights and improving legal representation for communities that have often been underserved in the past, especially people living in poverty and people of color.

the complete metropolis
Fritz Lang
80 minutes

Made in Germany during the Weimar Period, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia, and follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city's ruler, and Maria, whose background is not fully explained in the film, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classist nature of their city. Metropolis was filmed in 1925, at a cost of approximately five million Reichsmarks. The film was met with a mixed response upon its initial release, with many critics praising its technical achievements while deriding its simplistic and naïve storyline. Due both to its long running-time and footage censors found questionable, Metropolis was cut substantially after its German premiere; large portions of the film were lost over the subsequent decades.

This version contains 25 minutes of restored footage.

Special Admission

FREE; but please consider making a donation to this month's nonprofit, Oregon Justice Resource Center, either at the door or IN ADVANCE FOR $6 (includes a $1 service fee).