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Clinton Cult Classics presents THE BROOD

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Clinton Cult Classics presents THE BROOD



[Cronenberg's] rapid fire direction keeps you bouncing back and forth between laughter and shock with only minor stops for explanatory dialogue and his satirical sophistication never stoops to cheap parody.

Michael Blowen, Boston Globe

The care, the detail, the ferocity of it all really was compelling, and I think Cronenberg has only continued to web a deeply compelling line between sex, trauma, and gender.

Princess Weekes, The Mary Sue

he Brood is the stuff of nightmares on every level, the recurring kind that stick with you and infect the rest of your day, long after you wake up. A dark, twisted parable, it stands as one of David Cronenberg's most unsettling works.

Brent McKnight, The Last Thing I See

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David Cronenberg
92 minutes

A disturbed woman is receiving a radical form of psychotherapy at a remote, mysterious institute. Meanwhile, her five-year-old daughter, under the care of her estranged husband, is being terrorized by a group of demonic beings. How these two story lines connect is the shocking and grotesque secret of this bloody tale of monstrous parenthood from David Cronenberg, starring Oliver Reed and Samantha Eggar. With its combination of psychological and body horror, The Brood laid the groundwork for many of the director’s films to come, but it stands on its own as a personal, singularly scary vision.

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