CineKink: Best of 2015

CineKink: Best of 2015


A special evening of films that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality will screen on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 as CineKink, "the kinky film festival," returns to Portland for a hot, one-night stand. CineKink: PDX will begin at 7pm with a screening of the shorts program, “Best of CineKink/2015,” followed by the feature “Marriage 2.0” at 9pm.

Now in its 12th season, CineKink is an annual film festival and national screening tour that celebrates and explores the wide diversity of sexuality. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works showcased by the festival range from documentary to drama, spicy to explicit - and everything in between!

“My roots are in Portland and it's always fun to come home with a new batch of kinky cinema,” says Lisa Vandever, CineKink co-founder and director. "I also love returning to the Clinton Street Theater, which has been so supportive of alternative film over the years."

The 2015 CineKink Festival Tour is sponsored by Bowery Bliss, Crystal Delights,, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Leather Archives and Museum and njoy. Local support includes Oregon Leather Pride.

Best of CineKink 2015

Best of CineKink/2015” is a collection of sexy shorts deemed the best during CineKink’s most recent festival run.

This year’s assortment, with works ranging from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit, includes ‘Zolushka’ (Wes Hurley), ‘The Gordon Game’ (Jared Robbins), ‘It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly If I Want To’ (Morgana Muses), ‘Rubber Romance’ (Sophie Dros), ‘The Table’ (Izabel Grondin), ‘Kimi Kabuki’ (Yoko Okumura) and ’Tease’ (Ms. Naughty).

Special Admission

Admission is $8 door/$6 advance per screening, $12 door/$10 advance for both; 18 and over only.