Church of Film presents....A.K.A. SERIAL KILLER

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Church of Film presents....A.K.A. SERIAL KILLER


Wednesday, Aug 4
AKA Serial Killer
Masao Adachi
86 minutes

In 1968, 19 year old Norio Nagayama stole a handgun and took four lives in a killing spree that lasted nearly a month before his capture. AKA SERIAL KILLER (1969, Japan) is a radical documentary that follows his life, and what led up to his crimes, in an unusual way. Masao Adachi developed his revolutionary landscape theory of cinema, hypothesizing that by focusing on the environment that surrounds people, we may interrogate the subtle and terrifying ways in which we are controlled and alienated from our desires. In doing so, he humanizes a killer sensationalized as a monster in the media, and indicts instead a culture of institutionalization, poverty, militarism, and social repression.  

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