Today at The Clinton: Monday, Feb 18

Church of Film presents THE STORY OF CHUNHYANG



Church of Film is a weekly gathering for the reverence and worship of cinema. Our hope is to bring the long lost, forgotten, overlooked, obscure or unavailable to a hungry audience unable to get their fill from the local theater offerings. And in so doing, in the cozy darkness of our vintage theater, we build a like-minded community of the curious and the cine-obsessed. All are welcome, as are your creative suggestions.

Other locations include Century Bar on Sandy Boulevard and the North Star Ballroom. Check the CofF Facebook page for more information about other screenings.

Church of Film presents THE STORY OF CHUNHYANG


the story of chung hyang
Won Jun Yu, Ryong Gyu Yun
146 minutes

Chunhyang, the daughter of a poor family but admired for her beauty and talents, falls in love with the noble Mong-ryong. They bond through their mutual love of poetry, and because society will not allow them an open engagement, he promises to marry her through a poem. When he is called away to Seoul, however, the tryannical local governor demans Chunhyang as a mistress. THE STORY OF CHUNHYANG is an opulent, beautifully designed romantic epic that became one of North Korea's most popular films. Alight with sumptuous cinematography, sweeping landscapes, and enchanting music, it remains one of the greatest films to emerge from the DPRK. 

Special Admission

$5-8 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds.