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Church of Film presents ARREBATO

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Church of Film is a weekly gathering for the reverence and worship of cinema programmed and hosted by local cinephile Muriel Lucas.

Magic, the Occult, supernatural folk tales, witchy witches, mutant melodramas, anarchy, communism & the subaltern, Queer texts/subtexts, signs & symbols, third meanings, oblique narrative strategies, visual formalism, LSD, imminent worlds, sailors, phantom crews, ships adrift, graveyards and ruins, feminism, uncanny valleys, decolonization, gender deconstruction, cosmic games, ghosts & goblins, third world, beauty and her beasts, psychogeography, national & independent cinemas, masks of all kinds, the baroque, genres destroyed, Thanatos, ancient worlds, interior maps, guys and dolls, transhumanism, lost worlds, layers of vision, candles and candelabras, cobwebs, love stories, uncharted landscapes, deep dreams & secrets, the foreign country of the past, psychic fractures, the underworld, ultima thule, de-institutionalization, pitiless traps, Greek Key patterns, fate circumscribed in celluloid, voyeurism & paranoia, corridors & paths, the watcher and the watched,antifascism, isolation in the labyrinth, doors unopened, counter-cultured romance, priests and nuns beneath their frocks and habits, warm gods, gods dethroned, sisters, charlatans, disintegrating social structures, nuclear families on fire, dissent and silenced voices, slapstick and the mechanized body, the visual gag, tragic jokes, distant voices from other rooms, dogs baying in the darkness, flashlights, the imprisoned, the vanquished, the trapped spirits, the Kingdom of Shadows, the twentieth century, c-i-n-e-m-a.

Other locations include Century Bar on Sandy Boulevard and the Psychic Bar on Mississippi Avenue. Check the CofF Facebook page for more information about other screenings.

Church of Film presents ARREBATO



Ivan Zulueta’s ARREBATO is the most notorious film to come out of post-Franco Spain. Shot under peculiar circumstance (to say the least…), it shocked its producers and the censors, ended its celebrated director’s career, and was buried away. Now it is a monstrous cult classic of art house excess.

(CW: addiction, explicit drug abuse).

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Arrebato (Rapture)
Iván Zulueta
105 minutes

Jose, a disillusioned horror director and addict, receives a mysterious cassette tape in the mail. It is from Pedro, the cousin of a former lover, a strange youth simultaneously enraptured by substance abuse and filmmaking. He had once aspired to recreate on celluloid the altered perceptions of reality and time experienced on his drugs… but his aspirations advanced. What unravels is a Lynchian tale of self-destruction, and a camera that may be a vampire!

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$5-8 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds