Cat Video Fest: A Fundraiser for Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Cat Video Fest: A Fundraiser for Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon



The mission of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is to improve the welfare and reduce the population of feral and stray cats through spay/neuter programs and education.

Also known as FCCO, we are a non-profit spay/neuter program that was founded in 1995. We have helped more than 100,000 cats and remain the only organization in the area dedicated to providing the level of services that we do for feral and stray cats. For each feral or stray cat in our care we request a donation of just $40, but never turn a caregiver away even if they cannot contribute. This program is known as trap-neuter-return. 

We also provide low-cost spay/neuter services for pet cats through partnerships with the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund and Spay & Save program.

cat videofest poster
Cat VideoFest
72 minutes

CatVideoFest is a compilation reel of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music videos, and, of course, classic internet powerhouses. CatVideoFest is a joyous communal experience, only available in theaters, and raises money for cats in need through partnerships with local cat charities, animal welfare organizations, and shelters to best serve cats in the area.

Special Admission