Today at The Clinton: Monday, Sep 16

Castle Thunder Cinema presents WEIRD WESTERNS!



Castle Thunder Cinema specializes in small format film-- cult movies, unheard of gems, unorthodox screenings...most often on film.

Castle Thunder Cinema presents WEIRD WESTERNS!


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A special DOUBLE-FEATURE showcasing strange visions of America’s WILD WEST!

THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (1935) 8:30pm

TWO musical westerns from the outer edges of Tinsel Town! SEE a western completely cast with LITTLE PEOPLE! WATCH cowboy crooner Gene Autry descend into a strange SCI-FI UNDERWORLD populated by the LOST TRIBE OF MU and robots wearing steel hats! Wondrous, weird AMERICANA from the Depression Era!

Weird Westerns!

Strange visions of wild Americana on film!

terrorTHE TERROR OF TINY TOWN (1938). Good guys in white! Bad guys in black! Rousing shoot-em-ups and song and dance all around! Cast entirely with little people, this rarely-screened film is best-known as a novelty item, but is also briskly paced and incredibly fun. Most of the members of the talented cast would be cast the following year as munchkins in THE WIZARD OF OZ.

phantom01THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (1935). “To the rescue!” Cowboy crooner Gene Autry and company stumble on a lost sci-fi civilization filled with giant clunky robots and a sensationally villainous queen! Autry, along with Betsy King Ross and Frankie Darro will thoroughly charm you into this pleasant whirlwind of wonderful songs, underground radio magic and strange sci-fi thrills!

Special Admission