Today at The Clinton: Thursday, Nov 21

10:00am Video Shoot

Castle Thunder Cinema presents: IT’S 1969



Castle Thunder Cinema specializes in small format film-- cult movies, unheard of gems, unorthodox screenings...most often on film.

Castle Thunder Cinema presents: IT’S 1969



Films of chaos and love at the dark end of the 60s. 


SEAN (1970) 7pm 

SEAN will be followed by other 60s ephemera and rarities! 

GIMME SHELTER (1935) 8:00 pm


Presented on 16mm film with a brief intermission.   

IT'S 1969

seanSean (1970):  Ralph Arlyck’s superb documentary following the thoughts and activities of a child of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury in 1969. 




gimmeshelt01Gimme Shelter (1970):  The Maysles’ chronicle of the event that signaled the end of the long summer of love: the free concert at Altamont.  THE ROLLING STONES feature centrally, with performances by Jefferson Airplane and Ike & Tina Turner plus unforgettable views of hippies, freak-outs and thugs, all wrapped up in the out of control spectacle of what was Altamont.  Bad acid, bad blood, struggle, hope and murder intersect in this wild unnerving dream captured on film. 

Special Admission