Cascade AIDS Project presents MISS HIV

Cascade AIDS Project presents MISS HIV


Cascade AIDS Project's sole mission is to prevent HIV infections, support and empower people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, and eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma.

Join us for a three-day film series that does just that.

Friday, December 6: UNITED IN ANGER

Saturday, December 7: TALES OF NIGHT FAIRIES along with GLOBAL WHORES ON THE MARCH (in conjunction with the Clinton Street Theater Sex Workers Film Series)

Sunday evening, December 8: RENT Sing-a-long

Jim Hanon
88 minutes

Miss HIV explores the international collision of HIV/AIDS policies while following the journey of two HIV-positive women who enter the contest in Botswana. Filmed across Africa and at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto this explosive ethnographic film shares both sides of an ideology struggle. What is happening in Botswana, where half of all pregnant women have HIV, is set against Uganda which has experienced the largest reductions of new infections ever recorded. Unlike any film you've ever seen on AIDS, the story takes you backstage to the Miss HIV pageant and behind the curtain on what is really happening in the war against a virus that is now the leading killer of people under 60 in the world.

Special Admission

$5 for a single screening, $8 for both Sunday screenings, $15 for all four screenings