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Lillian Smith was one of the first white southern authors to speak out publicly against the evils of segregation.

  • She was shamed, ridiculed and silenced for her beliefs.
  • She couldn't look away.
  • She never gave up.

Director Hal Jacobs will attend along with Sue Ellen Lovejoy, great-niece of Ms. Smith, to answer your questions after the screening.

We will also have a Panel Discussion from leading Portland activists Kristen Teigen, Kalissa Scopes and Dr. Rosa Colquitt.

About Kalissa Scopes:

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After pushing solutions to institutional racism in non-profits and in local government for more than 20 years, 3 years ago I started working with small groups and individual white people to get at the roots of racism that made the systemic solutions so hard to sustain. I offer Unlearning Everyday Racism monthly membership, classes, online courses and free resources for white people working on their racism. I offer resources and practical steps for white people who have done some work on their own racism already and who are ready to go deeper into exploring their impact on people of color and identifying and working to unlearn their everyday racism. My work is directed by the rich and abundant writing dating back to before the 1800s from people of color describing what white people are doing to cause harm and offering specific actions we can take to unearth and unlearn our racism.

Rosa PhotoWho is Rosa Colquitt?

I grew up in a military family living on various Army bases on the East Coast and Southern United States. Some of these military bases included Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Belvoir and Fort Eustis, VA, Fort Benning and Fort Gordon, Ga, and others bases I’ve probably forgotten all about. In addition to living on a number of statewide bases, I spent 5 ½ years in Kaiserslautern, Germany, giving me an opportunity to travel extensively throughout Germany, as well as to the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, England and Italy.

I’ve also spent much time traveling to Jamaica and to the Caribbean Islands. Travel has been instrumental in my life’s “real education” with respect to informing how I relate to people of all races, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles.

One of the most important things I learned growing up as a military brat, under an Army Sergeant Dad,
was the importance of honor and integrity, respect for all people without regard to race, culture, gender or orientation. These values have remained with me for a lifetime and continue to impact my servant
leadership in my community and all affiliated organizations. For sure, it is an honor to work with others to enrich their lives—to build a world of equality, kindness and great love.

Hal and Henry Jacobs
United States
60 minutes

"Breaking the Silence" explores how this child of the South, Lillian E. Smith, became a formidable voice of the South -- a voice that has been muted in the decades after her death.

Just as important, it shows her relevance today as we face a rising tide of intolerance and discrimination throughout the world.

Special Admission

$7- 10 suggested; no one turned away for lack of funds. $8 ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE.

$3 from every ticket goes to a local nonprofit fighting racism.