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BowWow Film Festival

BowWow Film Festival


Saturday, Oct 2
BowWow Film Fest 2021

Boy oh boy dog lovers, have we got a treat for you! Bow Wow Film Fest didn’t receive many submissions for the 2021-22 tour, since folks weren’t thinking about that during the pandemic, so we decided that we’d select some of our most memorable films from the last 5 tours! We had almost 100 remarkable films to choose from. 

It wasn’t easy, but we chose ones that really did a number on us; ones that made us laugh or cry (the good kind) and really told the stories that needed to be shared. Our trip down memory lane will include the story of how a terrified pup and the ocean gave a man a new inspiring mission in life, an adventuresome trek through the desert to celebrate a significant milestone and an exciting ride through the trees with the best trail buddy a biker could have. We think you’ll love looking back on some really wonderful films for our 2021-22 Tour.  

Thank you for your support of the Bow Wow Film Fest and our partners--the animal welfare organizations that work so hard to bring safety and happiness into our lives of pets in need. We think you’ll agree when we say these organizations make the world a better place.

 Ticket proceeds will benefit the wonderful work of Oregon Humane Society.

BowWow Film Festival 2021
Special Admission

$13 for adults and $8 for kiddos under 12 (plus $2 service to cover credit card processing).