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BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity

BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity


Variety .... "Film Review: ‘Born to Fly’"

"Fascinating… Intriguing...Likely to generate fascination and uneasiness in equal measure… breathtaking...teasingly suggests that some displays of avant-garde virtuosity could be enjoyed equally by venturesome aesthetes, dance enthusiasts and devotees of World Wrestling Entertainment. " (Published 4/3/14)
The Hollywood Reporter .... "Born to Fly: SXSW Review"

"Catherine Gund's Born to Fly works very well as a portrait of a maverick artistic sensibility...Whether one calls it art, sport, or mere entertainment, some of it makes for jaw-dropping viewing." (Published 3/24/14)

BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity
Catherine Gund
82 minutes

Not just a choreographer, Elizabeth Streb is a wildly extreme action architect. BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity traces the evolution of Streb’s movement philosophy as she pushes herself and her dancers from the ground, to the wall, to the sky. Guided by Streb’s theory of movement – to walk on walls, dive through glass, move so fast you disappear and…fly; the film asks: Can adrenaline be a form of medicine? When does movement become art? Why be a part of it? How do race, gender, sexuality, and class appear on the dancers’ performances, on their bodies? Wrestling these questions, BORN TO FLY offers an exhilarating tale of the necessity of art, inspiring a broad audience, hungry for a more tactile and fierce existence in the world.

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