The Birdcage

The Birdcage


"The Birdcage is a scream." -Todd McCarthy, Variety

"The Birdcage embraces stereotypes and frequently uses its gay characters as comedic devices, even while it weaves a place for them into the fabric of American culture." -Brian Eggert, Deep Focus Review

"It undoubtedly remains a genial crowd pleaser. If the dress fits, wear it." -Caroline Westbrook, Empire Magazine

The Birdcage
Mike Nichols
118 minutes

In this hysterical comedy, Armand and Albert have built the perfect life for themselves tending to their gaudy Miami nightclub. But their pastel tranquility is shaken when Armand's son announces that he's getting married to the daughter of ultra-conservative Senator Keeley... and they're all getting together for dinner! Can Armand and Albert transform themselves into Mr. and Mrs. Family Values in time? It'll take the performance of their lives!

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