Benefit Concert: Fundraiser for Project Voice

Benefit Concert: Fundraiser for Project Voice



Project Voice is an immigrant rights program of the American Friends Service Committee.

The event consists of 2 to 3 musical groups, a video showing the work of the organization, and a speaker or two. The musicians donate their time for the event.  There will be some sales of T-shirts, posters, etc. 

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), founded in 1917, is a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice as a practical expression of faith in action.  Drawing on continuing spiritual insights and working with people of many backgrounds, we nurture the seeds of change and respect for human life that transform social relations and systems.

Project Voice conducts Know Your Rights training with immigrants in Oregon and Washington.  Our dynamic popular education workshops incorporate up to the minute practical and legislative information.  Thousands of immigrants have gained deeper understanding of their rights and are empowered to uphold them.  Our training develops new leaders and supports immigrants seeking to take center stage in mobilizing their communities, educating the public, and advocating with public officials.

Special Admission

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