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AMERICAN BEAR: an adventure in the kindness of strangers

AMERICAN BEAR: an adventure in the kindness of strangers


“Sarah Sellman and Greg Grano's American Bear is not just any road- trip flick; no, far from it. This is a spiritual journey of love between two people who are on a pilgrimage to understand their fellow man. The faith, joy, vulnerability of the protagonists in this film will pull at your heart- something rare in film today. If I could program this film every year, I would.” -- Teddy Grouya, Director/Producer, American Documentary Film Festival

"American Bear is a thoughtful, provocative and, ultimately, redemptive film about trusting in the kindness of strangers. Take this trip with Sarah and Greg. You'll be happy you did." -- Richard Abramowitz, Abramorama Distribution

AMERICAN BEAR: an adventure in the kindness of strangers

American Bear: An Adventure In The Kindness Of Strangers is an inspiring exploration of the United States through trust, fear, and hospitality – across America and between Americans.

Sarah and Greg set out to critically explore American culture, compassion, and fear by relying on the kindness of strangers for a home each night. Traveling through 30 states in 60 days, they spend every day in a new town, learning why people may or may not be willing to open their homes.

Sarah and Greg spend time getting to know their hosts – each uniquely, culturally American – while the film raises questions about how we define American identities. Sarah and Greg’ s own  social location – white, young, middle class, heterosexual – guides the way they interact with strangers, complicating the hospitality they receive.

American Bear captures Americans yearning for face-to-face connections and navigating the risks inherent in sharing their stories with strangers. Each character’ s voice tells a unique story: from the daughter of the last warrior woman of the Cheyenne mountain tribe whose grandson still faces bigotry in Montana; to the single mother in Oklahoma rebuilding a relationship with her mother after a history of drug abuse; to young friends in Chicago finding new ways to articulate what modern segregation looks like; each character is facing obstacles that share a unique side of the multifaceted post-9/11 American identity. At times funny, heartbreaking, and inspirational, these individual stories reflect the daily choices we make to trust, to confide, to care for, and to sympathize. How do we develop relationships and navigate the barriers in society and in ourselves to actually form connections? While American Bear and its characters suggest some answers, the film offers many more questions, encouraging the viewer to take their own journey of reflection and discovery.

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