Today at The Clinton: Wednesday, Jul 17

Affable Gentlemen are Back with DIAGNOSE THIS!

Affable Gentlemen are Back with DIAGNOSE THIS!



Affable Gentlemen Storytelling presents a special encore presentation of Donna Kay Yarborough’s Diagnose This: Tales of a Medical Actor! Join Donna (The Famous Haydell Sisters, SHEnatra, and Query the Crone) live as she shares tales about her day job--being a Standardized Patient. When an improv comic plays patient for student doctors, what results is an awkward, hilarious, and moving insight into the human condition.

Featuring a special performance of MANSPLAINING by Jaguar Bennett. What really goes on in men's minds? And why is it so disgusting? Why are men such pigs? Can men be redeemed? And how? Comedian/sex traitor Jaguar Bennett spills the secrets of the fouler sex in a hilarious expose that may even make you like men again.

Recommended for audiences 17+ due to frank, cringe-worthy talk about bodies, colorful language, and occasionally strong opinions.

affable gentlemen
Affable Gentlemen Storytelling

Affable Gentlemen Storytelling was created by a group of friends who loved sitting around bars, campfires, porches, and dinner tables around Portland, telling stories, deciding to create a live show based on some of their favorites. Starting in 2012, AffableGentlemen became a monthly show in downtown Portland with a different theme for each month. The Gentlemen quickly expanded into a nice group of guys and gals who love the art of storytelling and the sense of community it can foster!

Special Admission

$12 in advance; $15 at the door