YARN: Stories at The Clinton St. Theater


YARN is a bi-monthly (every other month for those still arguing over the prefix), live storytelling show produced by local storyteller, Lesley Harper. Every show has a unique theme and features 6 storytellers who come from all kinds of backgrounds and do all kinds of things. We include a "musical intermission" in the middle of every show. This is a local band or musician with a 30-minute set for you to enjoy as you check in with friends, grab some refreshments and stretch your legs.

The goal of YARN is to offer an opportunity for people with varied backgrounds and interests to get onstage and connect with an audience by sharing true stories about themselves. It offers the audience an opportunity to hear wonderful stories which will fully entertain but what's more, offer a new perspective and insight into our own experiences.

YARN is hosted by Lesley Harper, Reuben Nisenfeld and Lani Jo Leigh of The Clinton St. Theater.

Sorry, there are no scheduled shows for this series at this time.