Rentals of CST during the Pandemic

official clubhouse PDX AJThe Clinton Street Theater has always been about community. We imagine ourselves to be the "Clubhouse of the Portland Anarchist Jurisdiction"--a place to come and be with friends and family; a place where strangers are only friends you haven't met yet. We miss everyone so much, and each and every day that we're closed is a reminder that humanity is fragile and we need to do everything in our power to take care of each other.

Without income, we would love to earn a bit with private rentals. As I write this, Multnomah County is considered Moderate Risk.

If you are interested in booking a private rental at the Clinton Street Theater, here's where we stand in terms of capacity. With so many folks still unvaccinated, and with variants of the virus increasing a risk of community spread, we are being cautious and allowing groups of up to twelve (12) people.

(Note: We cannot screen ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at a private screening. However, you can watch it Saturday nights at 9pm (doors at 8, pre-show at 8:30) beginning April 3rd by purchasing a ticket in advance.)

Right now, we are not set up for concessions. It's okay for you to bring in food from the outside. Please do not order food to be shared by the entire group, like a big pizza. Each guest or bubble group should have their own food/drink.

You cannot bring in outside alcohol. We will offer a limited assortment of beer/wine and hard cider for sale through credit card purchase.

If this rental is primarily for children under 12, I would ideally like to see a 2:1 ratio of children to adults. Everyone over the age of 5 must wear a mask. Children need to stay in their seats, and under no circumstances can they be allowed to play on or near the stage.

Let me know if you have any other questions or want to confirm a booking by sending an email to info@CSTPDX.COM.