Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Jan 18

The Oregon Donors Variety Show

The Oregon Donors is a shadowcast performance group, performing REPO! The Genetic Opera.

For the CST CoVideothon fundraiser, they put together an amazing variety show!





  • At The Opera Tonight - assorted cast members
  • Covid! Starring Dolly Dagger
  • Witching Hour, by In this Moment, starring Morgan "Tegra" Harris
  • Dark Little Pony, starring Megz Madrone, Essie Hex & Kitten A. Round
  • What Is This Feeling from Wicked, starring Morgan "Tegra" Harris & Emi Lu
  • Feeling Good by Avicii, staring Momma Sammu
  • Prick! Goes the Scorpion's Tale from The Devil's Carnival Soundtrack, starring Essie Hex
  • Bourbon Street by Jeff Tuohy, starring Tim Bosart, Seline Kilgore and Morgan "Tegra" Harris
  • The Magical Katrina
  • The Heresy by Mushroomhead, starring Vincent "Wolf" Kilgore & Seline "Fox" Kilgore
  • Pink Elephants on Parade by Lee Presson & the Nails, starring Kitten A. Round
  • Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady Gaga, starring Morgan "Tegra" Harris & Emi Lu
  • Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson, starring Fossory the Fool

Oregon Donors Cast

  • Vincent "Wolf" Kilgore
  • Seline "Fox" Kilgore
  • Morgan "Tegra" Harris
  • Tim Bosart
  • Kyle Horton
  • Katie Williamson
  • Dolly Dagger
  • Emi Lu
  • Kitten A. Round
  • Essie Hex
  • Megz Madrone
  • The Magical Katrina
  • Momma Sammu
  • Fossory the Fool


  • Dajah Kilgore
  • Rjykan Ajoite
  • Aaron Ward

Video Editors 

  • Vincent "Wolf" Kilgore
  • Aaron Ward


  • Vincent "Wolf" Kilgore
  • Morgan "Tegra" Harris