Junglecorp Presents: Save The Clinton



SAD NEWS: This week Facebook took down the fundraiser and refunded everything that was in it. The fundraiser stayed up a few days after September 19th because money was still being donated. The wonderfully hardworking and completely LEGITIMATE crew that put on this fundraiser was told that Facebook took issue with the gift cards that were donated (for example, an AirBnB stay and a night at the Jupiter Hotel). Facebook prohibits the selling of gift cards for a future service, and although these cards were not "sold" in the traditional sense (highest bidders were asked to put their winning bid amount in the donation fund), it didn't matter to Facebook.

So, where do we go from here?

Facebook pays out fundraiser donations in chunks. The first eight of those deposits DID go through and are in the hands of the theater. If you donated during the first few days of the fundraiser, which started on September 1st, your donation has been processed and is, thankfully, in our bank account ready to be used for rent, utilities, insurance, etc.--our monthly expenses average around $4,000. The amount we received was $5700, which is about one third of the amount raised. We are checking and double-checking to see if any additional pending deposits go through. We want to be as transparent as possible.

We humbly ask the following of those that donated:

Facebook has indicated they will be refunding some, if not most, of the donations received after the first week of the fundraiser. If you have received a refund, we ask that you please re-direct it to the Clinton Street Theater donation page.

If you have not received a refund yet, please stay tuned. It may take several days for a refund to be issued to you. When you are credited with the refund, kindly consider donating to us once again so that we can meet our ongoing obligations.  We want to be here when we have the leadership in place that can meet this crisis with a coordinated national strategy. We want to remain forever the "Official Clubhouse of the Anarchist Jurisdiction."

clubhouse of AJ


In operation since 1915, the Clinton Street Theater is the vibrant beating heart of the local community. Offering something for everyone: Screenings of classic films, forgotten indie favorites, community theater, local musical acts, kid's shows, and last but certainly not least, the longest running continuous weekly screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Like many small businesses affected by Covid-19, the sad reality is that without some help, the theater may not be able to reopen.

junglecorp save the clintonHere at Junglecorp, we refuse to let this palace of wonder and hope slip quietly into the dark night without a fight. So, in collaboration with the Clinton Street Theater, we are proud to announce JungleCorp Presents: SAVE THE CLINTON, hosted by Artimus Treefrog! We have gathered together many talented local musicians, and will be sharing their music and stories about the theater. We will also be raffling off various items from local businesses who want to show their support, and auctioning off a few special items from the vaults of the Clinton. Most importantly, this is a live 'Telethon' style event, and we need not only your donations, but your support and stories! Come share why YOU love the Clinton Street Theater with us!

Please invite your friends, share this event. Let everyone know that together we can SAVE THE CLINTON! If you can't attend this livestream event but still want to support the Clinton Street Theater, you can donate anytime at https://donate.cstpdx.com/


The Blazing Suns
Chloe Payne
Josh Cole
The Vagilantes
Artimus Treefrog
Tall Dark Whimsy
Erik Withak
Jeff Haigerty