Jim Jarmusch Festival

jim jarmusch


Here's an opportunity to take a small journey into the filmmaking of Jim Jarmusch. 

NIGHT ON EARTH January 7th

DOWN BY LAW January 14th


DEAD MAN January 28th

From an interview published in The Guardian written by Xan Brooks:

...As a film-maker, Jarmusch likes to make movies about the world’s little details; about drifters and seekers and the rambling detours that add up to a life. 

...Jarmusch is a pop-culture sponge. He soaks up pretty much everything and likes to quote Joe Strummer’s old motto: “No input, no output.” His films are made up of secondhand odds and sods, twisted to fit his own sensibility, possibly his own image. 

...At their best, his pictures are ruminative and poetic all-American stories that move with the unhurried pace of Asian arthouse cinema, or postcards from obscure places, complete with doodled footnotes.

Sorry, there are no scheduled shows for this series at this time.