Domestic Violence--Make a Difference

This can change, and together, we can help make a difference.

October is domestic violence awareness month, but it is something that affects thousands of women every day of the year.


Many are familiar with the emotional effects of this terrible crime, but research has also recently exposed the link between domestic violence and chronic illness in women. Information on these latest findings can be found HERE

This can change, and together, we can help make a difference. Donate your old phone to help a victim through the Hopeline program

Financial abuse affects women disproportionally, so find answers about rebuilding your finances on BankRate. 

One website has financial help listed for every state--Financial Help for Single Mothers.

Recover Village has a resource page that contains information on how to leave an abusive relationship, how to help a victim of domestic violence, and more. Together, we can raise awareness and empower those struggling and their loved ones to reach out and seek help. 

"Domestic Violence During the Pandemic: Resources for Victims and Survivors" is a comprehensive guide that highlights the increased vulnerability for victims and how to support these populations during unprecedented times. 

The guide includes:

  • Recognizing Red Flags and Barriers in Abusive Relationships
  • Tips on Emergency Planning and Tech Safety for Victims Fleeing
  • Support Services for Housing, Immigration, and Financial Independence

With COVID-19 cases surging across states, domestic violence is on the rise as families are forced together into close quarters without the temporary reprieve of work, school or errands. How to Find Help 

Specific alcohol and drug resources in Florida can be found on the Coastal Detox Resource Page