Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Jan 18

CST CoVideothon Channel


Lots of folks have stepped up to help us raise funds while we are closed. The CST CoVideothon, an online vimeo channel, is a way for us to highlight the many talented filmmakers and performing artists who have made the Clinton their home over the years.

Most events will not have a paywall. Watch to your heart's content, and come back often as new programs will be released frequently.

You get to watch cool videos and if you feel moved, donate to the cause.

Do you want to share your own talents? This page tells you how to do it: If You Want to Help Us With Our CoVideothon



pink tornado band photo

Pink Tornado Band


VHS Vengeance presents "Kingdom of the Spiders"


VHS Vengeance presents "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble"



JUNGLECORP: Save the Clinton (on their YouTube Channel)

junglecorp save the clinton


Guignolfest 2020

small guiguinolfest 2020

Contest Movies

Festival Movies Part 1

Festival Movies Part 2

oregon donors logo

Oregon Donors Variety Show!

DiagnoseThis! Tales of a Medical Actor

Whisper Skin Theatre - Beneath the Rawness

Walk To Me -- Documentary by Lani Jo Leigh and Roger Leigh

Guignolfest - Horror Hot Tub hosted by Uncle Eerie

Guignolfest - Quarantine Ed Masque

Whisper Skin Theatre Live

Jet Black Pearl (MATURE)

THE BOOK OF JANE--an Antero Alli Feature Film

THOU SHALT NOT TAILGATE--Documentary by Greg Hamilton

The Amazing Bubble Man and Jet Black Pearl.

Learn how to make these incredible bubbles at Louis' Tutorial Page.

Cryptid Cats Cinema of Portland, OR

GuignolFest The Early Years (MATURE)



Invincible Czars (band from Austin, TX)

Graphic artist and activist, Jen Davis

Stageworks Inc.

Jennifer Wright, piano

The Dark Backward Band

The Attic Institute for Writers 

December 1st Writers 

Portland Storytellers' Guild

Clinton Street Cabaret

Laura Sheehan, singer/songwriter

Bike Smut and Rev Phil 

Dance Naked Productions

Monkey With a Hat On Productions