BOL (Speak Out)

Speak out! For truth still survives Speak out! Say whatever you have to say!

BarsamianIn our Wednesday evening conversation with David Barsamian, he shared the poem below by the Urdu poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Bol, ke labh aazaad hain tere
Bol, zubaan ab tak teri hai
Tera sutwaan jism hai tera
Bol, ke jaan ab tak teri hai
Speak out! Your words are free.
Speak up! Your tongue is still your own.
Your body remains yours; ramrod, erect.
Speak out! Your life is still your own.
Dekh, ke tere aahangar ki dukaan mein
Tund hai sholay, surkh hai aahan
Khulne lage quflon ke dahaane
Phailaa har ek zanjeer ka daaman
Look! How in your smithy’s forge
flames soar; iron glows red.
How the locks have opened yaws
and every chain spreads out, unlinked.
Bol, yeh thodaa waqt bahut hai
Jism-o-zubaan ki maut se pehle
Bol, ke sach zindaa hai ab tak
Bol, jo kuch kehnaa hai keh-le!
The short time left to you is still enough. Speak up! Before the body and its tongue give out.
Speak out! For truth still survives
Speak out! Say whatever you have to say!
Translation and Transliteration © Mustansir Dalvi, 2012, All rights reserved.

As one of America's most tireless and wide-ranging investigative journalists, David has dedicated his life to speaking out. We were proud to have him grace our stage this week--after all, "Speak Out" is one of our core values.

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