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The Man From Earth: Holocene


Thursday, Oct 19
Friday, Oct 20
Saturday, Oct 21
The Man from Earth: Holocene
Richard Schenkman
United States
98 minutes

14,000 year-old "Man from Earth" John Oldman is now comfortably hiding in plain sight as a college professor in Northern California. But his existence comes crashing down when four students discover his deepest secret, putting his life in grave danger and potentially shaking mankind to its very soul. 

Special Admission

$7-10 suggested; $8 online tickets HERE.

KBOO @ the Clinton presents CALLING HOME THE DEAD


Thursday, Oct 19
day of the dead one

In partnership with VOZ, a worker-led organization that empowers diverse day laborers and immigrants to improve their working conditions and protect civil rights through leadership development, organizing, education and economic opportunity. 

On the Day of the Dead, when the spirits come back to us, the road from heaven must be made easy, they say, not slippery with tears.

Join us for film, music, dancing, a procession of "Catrinas y Catrines" and delicious Dia De Los Muertos pastries and Horchata!  Excellent raffle items!​ 

Learn about the spiritual/cultural meaning of Dia De Los Muertos as it is celebrated in Patzcuaro, Mexico. 

Armando Puentes, KBOO's illustrious program host, will emcee the evening. ​

Before this beautiful film, enjoy the fascinating rhythms from two bands:

  • Semilla, an amazing band visiting from Mexico, and
  • the wonderful Afro-Cuban ensemble Son Cubano, an ensemble group playing authentic Cuban music, directed by Virginia Lopez, also the leader of the renowned PDX based band Melao de Cuba.

Come ready to dance as we invite the spirits to join us! 

All proceeds go to VOZ and KBOO. Tickets will be sold at the door if there are any left. Doors open at 6:30. Suggested admission:$7-20, but no one turned away for lack of funds! 

"Every culture has its way of honoring those who have passed. The rituals in "Calling Home the Dead" depict the intersection of indigenous and religious traditions in the towns around Lake Patzcuaro in Mexico. The film brings to life the insightful perspective that death is a part of life through the innocence, community and generational connections felt by the townsfolk. Through vivid photography this film captures the emotional essence of this unique celebration as the people use candles, colorful flowers and ceremonial foods to honor their loved ones. It's an up-to-date view of traditional life that broadens one's understanding and provides enchanting imagery of an enduring cultural tradition."

Denise Lynch, Executive Director
CIELO Project, Olympia WA

"Calling Home the Dead is easily the best film on Day of the Dead that I have ever seen. The filmmakers offer a subtle, visually stunning, poetic invitation to experience the beauty and meaning of this spiritual celebration as it unfolds over several days. With minimal but thoughtfully crafted narration, this voyage in richly evocative images and sound emphasizes indigenous practices during el Día de losMuertos, an invaluable perspective, seldom seen outside of Mexico."

Alice A. Nelson, Ph.D.Professor
Latin American Cultural Studies, Spanish
The Evergreen State College

Calling Home the Dead: Llamar a los Muertos a Casa
Jim Hill
47 minutes

As the villagers of Lake Pátzcuaro lovingly clean and prepare the graves with beautiful handmade ofrendas, blankets of marigolds, special foods–they prepare for a shared remembrance called Día de los Muertos: Day of the Dead. They shoot rockets into the heavens to awaken the departed souls and call them home. More tone poem than traditional documentary, Calling Home the Dead transports the viewer in a compelling celebration of the continuity of life and the enduring love of family and friends. Images saturated with color and life join a magical soundtrack of original and local music; and a window is opened to another world.

Special Admission

$7-15 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds--only lack of seats.

Reserve your seat and make your donation in advance. THREE LEVELS--$7, $10 AND $14. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN!!!