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Guignolfest 2013: The 5th Annual DIY Horror Movie Contest

Guignolfest 2013: The 5th Annual DIY Horror Movie Contest



Red Flag Presents: "GuignolFest 2013"!
(a.k.a The 5th Annual D.I.Y. Horror Movie Contest) Rules below...

Submitted for your approval...

YOU, an obscure horror filmmaker, writer, actor, special-effects makeup artist, musician ... or some form of arcane craftsman involved, even obsessed with the shadowy art of scary cinema.

WE have a place for you to stretch your bat-wings, raise the dead and paint Portland blood-red! Come October 2013, we want YOU to enter your team, make a scary movie and scare the HELL out of us! -- in our 5th annual Red Flag Horror Movie Contest, a.k.a. GUIGNOLFEST! The film-teams will meet us at Red Flag Bar (344 NE 28th Av) on Friday, October 18th for the team entry kick-off from 9pm until Midnight and draw their random genre. Team entry fee is only $50. 

Beginning at midnight, the teams skulk off into the darkness and begin the process of making a shocking horror movie in just three days. At Midnight on Monday, October 21st, the teams will drop off their respective horror movie entries on DVD at Red Flag. 

"GuignolFest" is in its fifth year.  Each year we seek new talent and introduce new categories and except to summon entries and attendees to our festival.

GUIGNOLFEST has its own website! Check it out!

Special Admission

More on this later!