Today at The Clinton: Sunday, Aug 31

Bad Movie Nite!

Bad Movie Nite!


THANK YOU, BAD MOVIE NITE! In support of our renovations and anniversary campaign, Scott and crew at Bad Movie Nite! are gifting us this special screening. We're hosting it earlier on a Friday night, so more of you can come join in the fun.

Here's the lowdown:

Coming to Portland, OR from Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse in Columbus, Ohio, Bad Movie Nite! is a celebration of some of the cheapest, cheesiest, and most unintentionally hilarious b-movies ever made. You'll get trailers, shorts and a feature, and although we can't tell you what it is (we never know until we get it), believe me, it will be BAD!

We love a rowdy audience, so come to poke fun at some of the best of the worst cinema has to offer!


This month everything is sourced from VHS tapes including the never released on DVD feature. This action movie is so cheap and so cheesy, you'll never forget it.

Bad Movie Nite!

The best in bad movies brought to us by Studio 25 in Columbus, Ohio.

Special Admission

$5-10 sliding scale; it's a fundraiser for the theater, folks!